Saturday, August 16, 2014

a few weeks, on the first day of the hungry ghost festival... something particular happened.

after having some drinks with friends, everyone got on to their individual cabs and cars so did i. when i entered the vehicle, the taxi driver didnt turn his head or said anything. i'd just told him my destination. he grunted and drove. it was pretty late at night (almost 4am... ) and it being the hungry ghost festival period, there was just eeriness about the whole situation...atmosphere...whatever...

it was really quiet, just the sound of the vehicle driving. there were hardly any cars around too. the only light was coming from the street lights and my iphone.... and then i noticed the driver's face.

his cheekbones were really high and huge.

i dont know why, but he looked really unnatural.... his cheekbones were literally covered his facial features (i was sitting behind, left side).... so i couldnt see his face. when i'd asked which route was he taking, he didnt answer me but stepped harder on the pedal... the cab was on the 2nd lane of the highway and it was speeding lightning fast.... the cab bumped a few times and we passed by a few cars. so i'd told him to slow down, but he didnt answer. at that point of time, i felt kind of annoyed, uneasy and a little scared at the same time. while putting on the safety belt (yesss so damn fast till i was like, a bit scared for my life..had to put on seat belt!!), i tried to look for the taxi driver name tag thing but there wasnt any.

of course, in the end the driver did arrived at my home. but all the while, ive never seen his face properly. after paying the cab fare, and gotten out of the car.... i still had that uneasy feeling and puzzled why i couldnt see his face... besides having really abnormally high cheekbones that possibly covered it. when the cab driver drove out of the car park, i noticed the light inside his cab flickered on. and on the rear mirror, i saw his mouth... upturned and smiling. WHY THE FUCK WAS HE SMILING OR AT? he drove away but that bloody smile was not and didnt feel friendly at all. it was like some creepy (not even the ji ko peh kind) but like... aiya i dont know but it just creeped me out so much.!!!!

Friday, August 1, 2014

i want to like you so much but you dont give a chance. :(

damn it, i wanna burn your shirt...shred it to pieces.