Friday, August 24, 2012

So i've decided to post something in case you had been visiting. im sure you did, to check out if i've any silly stupid rants that somehow, you are interested in. stalkkerrrerererrrr!!!

i'm going to.
talk about
MUSCULAR things. nope. not just people, things, objects yadayada... sidetrack, i like 'italics'.

anyway, have you ever heard a certain female exclaiming how they just adore muscular man? I have. On the trains, bus, market, scrap-book making store etc, ALL THE TIME. These red blooded, horny (in cantonese it's 'fa how' whatever...) woman, they just yak on how much they lurrrrrveeeeeeeeeeee muscular men. And im just whatever, too much muscles just weird to me. I imagine those really really huge man with 6 balls growing on their arms and stuff. Maybe they wanted muscular men but not the super muscular ones...

*i'd barfed*

"i cant see anything below my chest... :( "

and what about muscular....


omg this is NOT right. ITS NOT NATURAL AT ALL! that is not meant to be! what about a muscular....

CACTUS. haw haw. 

Muscles just scares me. I just wanna squeeze it out and save those muscular men/dog/cactus by slicing those ACKKKKK additional biceps and what not out. 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

  • people at my school: whats your tumblr url
  • me: whats tumblr
  • people at school: its a website where people follow you, i actually have a lot of followers haha
  • me: really how many
  • people at school: 100 haha
  • me:
  • people at school:
  • me:
  • people at school:
  • me: wow thatS A LOt

Monday, August 13, 2012

the story of bacon: PART 11

ok, you've got to search for the other previous 10 parts of the bacon story. IM SERIOUS, you're missing out if you dont find it in my blog. :)

OK, if you did read the previous PART of the bacon story (click here if you wanna read the previous part) , you would have discovered that YOU'D BEEN CURSED AS A BACON! Yes, so how's life so far as a bacon? Still living? Breathing? HAPPY? SAD? I BACON (beckon LOL) YOU TO COME FORWARD as you pretend Im really whispering the following to you. ... .. ..... ..

Bacon, you had been a great bacon. As u continue living in your daily routine ignorantly, you dont know about this secret (that im going to reveal in the next sentence).. Yes, you may not look like a bacon, hidden beneath your human skin....but EVERY full moon, you transformed into a REAL bacon person! YES IT TRUE!!! IT IS TRUE! ever since you've read the previous part of the BACON story, you'd been cursed. And im telling you, no one knows but ME. and i have PROVE.

the following picture....

IS ACTUALLY YOU! I took this picture when you transformed into a bacon person. The reason why you dont know about this is you've forgotten about it. For 3hours in board daylight on the day of the fullmoon, you would roam around LIKE THAT!! IN FULL NAKED BACON GLORY. because you are a bacon, you run fast and nobody can spot you....

You ask; so how did I manage to capture this photo of you? Well, cause ... I AM ALSO A BACON, but level 2. SO i'm obviously faster since im your senior. teehee. 

ANDDDDD here's another picture...

OF YOU! *yep that's in-style magazine, usa edition*


so now, since you know the secret

keep on living like you normally do...but everytime you see that full moon, you would be reminded that you'd been a bacon PERSON for 3 hrs during the day. 


run - run---


running. jogging. exercising!

Obviously, you are more conscious about your physical appeal over health while exercising. DUH! not the other way round anymore. I run too :) Running makes me feel....

BAH NUH NUH NUH NUH!!!! b. a. n. a. and eh and eh NA! lol... it's nice to exercise la. the end. 

usually i bring my ipod down so i wont feel so bored running. I think it helps, like when the beat does bom bom da bom bom instead of the doo doooo doooo dooo *slow melody* feet will sort of jog along to it. ^^ SO ITS GOOD TO HAVE SUM MUSSSICK YA?! lol ew. 

so everytime i go jogging i always ALWAYS have a train of thoughts to distract the pain in my stomach. like, erm...

1. Observing passing runners' thighs rubbing against each other. LOL

2. Is that girls boobs REAL? ITS HUGE and doesnt bounce much. HA. 

3. Farting. And not hearing it cause my earpiece COVERS my ears, does the passerby heard it too? HAHAHA

4. Are the people in their vehicle staring at me as i gasp for oxygen.

5. That dude. is hot.

6. Shit, that auntie is jogging faster than me, 2 rounds MORE than me too. OMG i need to toughen up :(((

7. Should i buy bubble tea after running?

8. Okay, 10 seconds more then I'll start walking! ^^....... *1 second later* omg i cant take it anymore. I NEED TO STOP!

9. What's for dinner later?

10. AHH that dog is soo cute!

11. Ok i need to poop/pee already. time to go home! 

HAHAHAHA, do you have similar thoughts too? I talk about shit too much. :\ 

Saturday, August 11, 2012


JACKPOT! omg i won the LOTTERY FOR THE FIRST TIME WITH THIS TICKET! it matches my life 100.2% 


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Feeling lonely?

It is wednesday, as promised, I will suggest some songs today!

Somehow, I always feel lonely on wednesdays. So I play songs to make me feel LONELIER! I like it. :) It's nice to leave some time to yourself. But not too much, you probably go crazy and it's not good to be crazy.

I was walking home last wednesday while reading a creepypasta thats about a shadow following the victim. It's ...creepy and lonely and I want to share it with you.

You can read the story here:

GOOD LUCK. best read in the dark, under the blanket. no music at all. the irony cause this is a lonely playlist recommendation :P


1. Show Me Love by Tatu
This song just give me chills up and down. Especially the last part. There's this hanging phone ring tune at the end. Reminds me of a cliffhanger from some horror movie. Really nice, furthermore nothing beats a pretty lesbian duo.

2. Le Moulin by Yann Tiersen (from the Amelie soundtrack)
It's just so sad. Instrumental musics are usually just saaaaaaddddd and it's in a minor key so it's even SADDDERRRR :( i think it's played during the sad part of the movie. Like somebody died and you're reminiscing about the dying. ::::::( 

3. にじむ殘像 by Boris (from the The Confession original soundtrack)
Another movie soundtrack. The first time I heard it, it gave me the CREEPS! But the more I listen to it, I realized the electronic bass is really beautiful. Passable background music for some sad creepy murder scene when the murderer was caught and hung.

4. What's a Girl got to do? by Bat for Lashes
Reminds me of a goth/death themed fashion show catwalk song. It's a hot track but with a murderous tune. Just read the following lyrics: When you love so long, that the thrill is gone. And your kisses at night are replaced with tears. And when your dreams are on a train to train wreck town...  JUST HAUNTING like some obsessed heartbroken girl. :(( like laina..... hehe

5. The Dress by Blonde Redhead
Oh my, I first got to know Blonde Redhead when I was in secondary school. I loved their song, '23' so I bought the album and when my discman (lol i used to USE it omg) played 'The Dress', my first reaction was like....what. the. heck. is. this. shit. LOL NO. it's not shit, it's lovely music but realllyyyyyyyy creeped me out. Till today, now, I'd just played it, it made me turned to check if anyone was spying at me from the window. x___x

Is 5 songs enough? I hope you will really take a listen to each and every song hehe, it's honestly a nice feeling to be creeped out, there's this thrill when your heart pumps faster as you feel paranoid.

somebody watching you as you read my blog? check underneath your bed tonight just incase. good night!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Hello, wow, it's already wednesday! Holy s**t! I wanted to do a monday post :( A MONDAY PLAYLIST POST! But nevermind, I'll do a wednesday one instead. But you got to wait, I'm about to sleep soon. :P

neh neh neh nehhhhhhhhhh~~~

Friday, August 3, 2012


I'd been sneezy all day. is there such as word? maybe, there's no red dotted line beneath it. How are you? I hope you had a great week. The weather has been sneezy too. LOL one moment, it's all hot and baking and everything is dying cause its so MOFO HOT. then the next moment, the sky begins PEEING! internship at trememdousnessssss has been GREAT. people there are GREAT. the environment is GREAT. food is OKAY. but the CAT WAS THE BEST!


from that very moment, i'd imagine myself to be some cat-man just like how spiderman become who what he is. I CAN CLIMB WALLS AND NOT FALL!!! HAHA. and it's caturday today. ek my PUNS sucks.

the meowface ah. I WANT a cat so badly. :( but it's like my two dogs love cats but when ever i introduce any cat, even kittens, they all reject them. so, i guess i've to wait for a apartment on my own. i'll probably introduce a puppy and a kitten together so they'll grow old together and die together. 

ANYWAY, remember i'd dyed my bag? I 'pimp'ed it even more!

hrc honda, yamaha, shoei, prince, blablah blahblahhhhh. RACING motor stuff.

lookie. asian twizzzzzzttttiexxxzxzxzxzxzx for ya''''' V^^
so hip so hop ahaaaaaaaaahhh~u~

i know this dip dye ombre thing has been a trend wayyyyyyyyyyy~~~~ too long but i just like the way colors blend and melt into each other's arms so a few months back i was searching for well made ombre clothing and HERE's ONE that's superb. but the price makes it a fall back :(

NICE HOR :> but 25 euro for one shirt/sweater which i can make also. not very worth *A* sorry dom sebastian.


the past week, i'd been sketching people while on the train. HAHA and here's some less offensive drawings i did. it's almost 99% accurate of what've been observed. NO HATIN'

the SG nerd > mid 30s > single blablablablabalbal

the bald dude and your avg poly girl. 

the china couple vs the old lady

the after work OL *sniff sniff* she looks heartbroken, kept checking her handphone and stuff. 

im sorry but this dude really had some crazy ass hair that looked shinny enough to be a mirror. 

and the office cat,..... which was inspired by............

my colleague scanned the poor kitty's balls. HA!

LASTLY some weekly inspirations for your weekend :::::::))))))))))))))))))))) *alien*

is that xiaxue??? *u* she cant be that cool....