Thursday, January 31, 2013

Skin things


I always take forever to have an update. But such is life, there's nothing much to talk about. You begin the same routine everyday, its boring.... but comfortable. Anyway, I'd been thinking, about my skin.

My mom (yes, why does every post always involve my parents somehow these days? lol!) told me not to use any makeup, if I wish to have better skin. To begin with, I don't put anything other than sunblock, mascara and some liner to line the inside of my lashes. So, I've stop putting anything other than toner and it's getting better already.

You know how girls with great skin, and you want to have it too? So you kept piling up makeup. I think it's okay to do that, it's just the cleaning part that many girls neglect. The makeup clogs up pores! And it's so bad, cause your skin can't breathe and as it accumulates with oil, dirt and oxidized make up, it starts forming whiteheads and blackheads. Anddddd.....if there's bacteria, it'll start to bloom into pimples.

If you don't cleanse your face well and continue to cover it up, it's only going to get worst. ;__; BOOBOO FOR YOU.

How random....

Thursday, January 24, 2013



OMG! Spring is here! Okay, it doesn't make any difference living in Singapore. BUT, new fashion seasons sprouts are blooming. And I was really excited to see Wildfox Couture's new stuff. Although I must add, I've never own a piece from the brand. It is just wayyyyyyy too much for myself to afford. I just enjoy looking at the clothes and and and their models are gorgeous! Anyway, I'd just saw their new collection and .... TADA

Hang on a second– that looks familar! Isn't that suppose to be Cher, Dionne and Tai from Clueless? Since when did they grew 3 inches taller and lost so much weight!

Ahhh, the new Wildfox is inspired by 1995's Clueless. WHOOOHOOO! Who hadnt watch Clueless needs to go watch it RIGHT NOW. It's such a awesome chick flick. 

OOOO bitches bitching about the new girl. 

 HAIR FLICKING MOMENT. That plaid coordinate is so cute and memorable. 

Somehow, I'm more interested in comparing their shoots and the actual outfits from the movie! LOL. Nevertheless, very lovely clothes. Back to work now!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013



Recently, I was packing up my room and found numerous design books which was bought a few months ago. Completely slipped out of my mind! Need to read. I want to read! Anyway, just a 3 more weeks before FYP ends! CANT WAIT! Meanwhile, my etsy store has been updated! Also, I've put up new stickers I've created. Really love to share my illustrations to everyone, so do support! :)

One of a kind T shirt! It's really simple and cute. :)

And tons of new things has been added. Okay, I update every week so do check out it!

Saturday, January 19, 2013



I have recently tried watching a movie called 'Dogtooth', it is a Greek film and I think it has been nominated into various awards and won something but I forgot. To be honest, I did not finish watching the movie because I was really really disturbed, not even halfway through. I mean, it's not like horror-creepy, it's just weird-creepy!

Basically, it is about a middle-aged couple taking homeschooling to the extreme. Like waaaay extreme! A bit sadistic if you ask me. They don't allow their children (teenagers) out of the house or in contact with the world at all. The children are taught to associate words like 'sea' with their leather chair, and 'keyboard' as the female genitals. Also, they teach their children that the cat is the most dangerous creature in the world (made them perform weird rituals)! Really weird isn't it?

The is the part when the woman who provided sex for the son, asked the oldest daughter for sexual favors. 

In order to control their son's raging hormones, (which is natural at that age), the father brought a woman for him to have sex with. So basically, sex is really meaningless since the boy don't know anything about it, but does it for the sake of doing it. Later part of the movie also shows incestion (obviously the kids do it without having any fear or desire, no feeling at all) which is all very very strange. I did not finished watching it because after reading the plot, I got creeped out and annoyed. Yes, irritated by it.

Anyway, you might wonder why I even watched it in the first place? Or how I came to know the film. Well, I've always enjoyed Alpine's music and happened to be playing their music video, called 'Hands' (you can watch it below here if you have not) is about making out with your HANDS!

And I came across a comment where the person said the director of the video obviously got inspirations from 'Dogtooth'. Sooooo, I tried to watch the movie...... now I understand why that person said so. Before I leave, here's a playlist I have made!

As the title said it, the playlist consist of music I (used to or still) put on repeats, because I enjoyed it so much. It would also be music I would play if I am running away from chasing zombies.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Valentine's day is coming soon! And I have some new illustrations coming right up! HEHEHEH! Here's a sneak, can you guess what are they?  :P

Wednesday, January 16, 2013



New stuff has been added! :) Very cute outerwear and dresses for your viewing (buying too!) pleasure! Do take a look! n____n"

"click meeee!", said the little sloth.

I cannot wait to put up my VALENTINE'S DAY special! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Not very original with this blog post's title. I don't know how people come out with cool blog titles and still stay relevant. Now, before I begin, I would like to invite you to play the following It's a-mayyyyy-zing!!!

Pretty sure everyone has watched 'Inception', and this is one of those Hans Zimmer songs you HAVE to have in your playlist. It is a remix (usually I prefer original ones) but 'We Plants Are Happy Plants' makes the best remixes. Please check it out!

Anyway, yesterday was my final interim. It turned out better than I thought! WOOOOOOOO! CELEBRATION!!!!! Have to keep reminding myself it is not the end yet, so I shan't become too relaxed. There's still many nifty little details untouched. Really cannot wait to complete the project (mentioned this countless times) so I can start on other personal projects!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Wise words.

I had this conversation recently, with my mom. Just something nice and realistic, relevant to share with you. I'm sure as a teenager or a young person, you would agree, sort of.

Me: "Life is just so unfair. Why can't I be ......(I forgot what I said, something unimportant)....."
Mom: "There is no such thing as 'fair' in life. Only lazy people would say that as an excuse instead of doing something to make a change."


I'm kind of tired of FYP, really anticipate finishing it. Cannot give up! My dad said if I am already sick of doing these for such a short period of time, how can I take it as my career, something which I have to do for a lifetime. :( FOCUS SANDY, FOCUS!

Saturday, January 5, 2013



It's been a while since I've updated! Had been pretty busy with school (what else?). Hope everyone had a pretty good Christmas. Mine was decent, since I had Thai food! New year was okay too, nothing special because I'd slept through that night.

Anyway, I know I am a bit late for new year resolutions, but like they alway say, 'BETTER BE LATE THAN NEVER'! :) Don't really want to complicate it, because I remembered the resolutions I'd made last year were too high, and I managed to achieve absolutely nothing! Too embarrassing to list last year's goals here. Oops! And so, to keep it simple...

1. Piano. Yes I want to complete my Grade 8, ONCE AND FOR ALL! I cannot fail the exam and must get at least a merit.

2. A new language. I want to pick up a new language. Possibly French. Ooo la la!

3. Read up. Been a long time since I spend a good time reading, fully appreciate, 100% understand a book. Not just picking up a book in the bookstore and quickly read it in one (Haha! Just to save money and time)  afternoon. The last time I finished a book C.S Lewis's The Screwtape Letters at the church...and it was a book we used to study with. :(

4. Think before I say something. Kept making lame mistakes just cause I'm reckless when I speak. Watch-out for that Sandy.

5. Showcase my illustration/work. Really wish to share my work with the community! I'm sure I'll have more time after I graduate. There's so many fresh projects I want to work on already! Exciting! :)

Soooooo, I think it's relatively easy to reach these goals. I mean, if I'm not lazy... OH YES! I have to quit being such a bum. STOP BEING LAZY. STOP IT. STOP! 

Meanwhile, on the first day of 2013, my mother was bugging me to sell her clothes, since I will be moving away soon. AND HERE HERE! I have successfully opened a new online store on ETSY! Do check it out and share with your friends. The items I sell are mainly vintage fashion and knick knacks. Perhaps, I will sell my prints and illustration on it too! But that, would have to wait...

( You can click the banner....or here, to check out the store. n____n~ )

Here's a mini preview of what thou can expect at thy store!

The store would be updated every Wednesday/Friday (usually Fridays), so there are always new stuff added. Thereforeeeeeeee, remember to go back once in a while. Hopefully, you can find something you fancy there! n___n~