Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New discovery


I'm back to my old habit again. Had been playing tetris instead of doing my work for almost 3 hours already. Very productive isn't it? Anyway, ever since my subscription with Tomio Koyoma Gallery, I've been discovering really amazing artist, and here's one of them!

Her name is Tomoko Nagai and she uses a variety of medium for her paintings. Mainly oil paint, spray and glitter! She's a fine art graduate (which I've been also considering whether to pursue that degree after graduation) from Aichi Perfectural University of Fine Arts.

Personally, I really like it because it's combination of everything girly, animals, weird monsters and mushrooms. Really quirky and highly imaginative. Probably things that I would doodle when I daydream. You can find out about her and her art from here. Hope this little random post would spark some creativity in you, too!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Very not attractive.


Yesterday was a fun day because um...Met up with the lovely Claire to catch up. We took photos of ourselves non-stop and um, she

touched an ass's ass. Very clever!

Here I am, standing in front of the President's home, with awkward thumbs up!

Anyway, I have not start on anything since my interim last week. It's been exactly 4 days and I'm just sitting in my room with the laptop on, and meh! Watching all the English Youtubers and I feel like a potato. Shall dispose my insecurities and really really really START my project. 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

What is life sucks?


This morning when I woke up, the first thing I did was to check my phone. Yeah, seems like a reflex thing nowadays. :( But, anyway I happen to come across someone's status on Facebook, which made me feel a little annoyed.

'Life sucks when you're broke and bored.' 

I don't- I don't even... It's probably the stupidest thing anyone can say. Maybe, it's just a passing remark but seriously, how could 'life sucks' when we are blessed in so many ways. Instead of using the computer (and the photobooth) all day, stop being a lazy, ungrateful bum and get a job.

Haha, maybe I am acting a bit over the top, since I have no relation to this particular person. Oh yeah, that reminds me... 21st December (supposed to be DOOMSDAY) is coming soon. My mom actually asked me to stay at home that day! LOL. I cannot wait to see what happens, probably like any other day or- ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! So, are you prepared for the world's end? What are you going to do? I'll probably sleep in till the sun don't shine.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rainy Days are....great


The weather in Singapore during the past week has been AMAZING! The sunshine is soft in morning, it pours heavily during the afternoon (which is fine, since I'm usually indoors) and very very windy and cold during the evening. You would probably think we aren't in Singapore anymore. Awesomeness! 

Good news, I have also finished my presentation for interim two. The feedback was pretty okay and the panel gave some really helpful suggestions. Which I actually felt, surprised! Before it was my turn, I've imagined the lecturers shooting my deliverables down and everything was bad, bad and unconvincing. But, nah it was alright. So, now I'll give myself a tiny tiny break before I work on improving the project. Side note, some of my schoolmates who did not do too well; It's OK! Since it's only the 2nd interim! There's another one and the last assessment! Plus the percentage is low so it's not going to make a significant difference. I know, I know, you probably say, "But every point counts!" Well, then treat yourself some chocolate and work extra hard for the final execution. 

Anyway, have you guys seen the new color of the year for 2013?

Hello emerald! Such a happy-go-lucky color. It's the color of precious gems and the capital color for the city of Oz. Also, it was a really popular color in the 80s so it's great that emerald makes a comeback.

First thing I'd thought of!

And the beetles! I've seen emerald green beetles, and it is probably the prettiest color a beetle could have.

The very awesome Kokiri's emerald ring. I wish I have one....Oh dear, I feel like a geek. 

Honestly, I think emerald is a great color for designer rooms. Have a look, they are so pretty!

More from here

It would be great to work in a green environment, since it suggest nature and a soothing color. Quite excited to see what the fashion scene is going to come out with emerald, too. My bed is calling out for me again, bye!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

This is just wonderful! What a great addition to a girl's room, or even a ballet school! When I was 11, I wanted to open my very own ballet studio. Shophouse style;  studio below and my living space on top.

Ballerina Wall Clock from here.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Dog loves watching guests pooping


So over the weekends, my mom had some friends staying over. As some of you know, we have two dogs and most of the time, they sleep in the kitchen toilet. Since the guests obviously have to go pee-pee once in a while, they need to use that toilet. Now usually, we don't lock the dogs (in the toilet), unless everyone isn't at home.

Apparently, the aunties who came over had mentioned that while they were using the toilet, Brandy (my girlie dog) refused to get out of the toilet. She would just sit there and stare at the ladies as they poop. Yes, particularly when they were all pooping.

Now, I have never encounter that before, neither did my family, so I guess she just enjoys observing strangers dropping bombs. Lol, weird dog, a bit unbelievable too. Side note, I would also never poop at someone else's home.

Anyway, I'm still hanging on strong to my project. Kinda. Okay, not really. BUT, really trying my best to juggle everything and tearing my brains apart. A shout out to all my design mates– You guys hang on too! Just a little more till it's over and then its mwahahahahahahahhahahah! :)

Here's Mr Benunu and his bottle of oil. In the trashbag. Kinky gross!

Friday, December 7, 2012

On a bad day

Just that I have two stinky poopoo dogs as companion instead of this glorious kitty kat!

Plus I have no hairy feet (if the strokes on her knees are hair) or sit in that manner. And I don't have wallpaper on my walls. Or a cool lamp like that. Or hair long enough to tie buns (not anymore)! But other than that, 98.6% of the above picture sums out how I would like to work, on a bad bad bad moody day.

Cup N Canvas


What a awesome surprise I had! Woooow! Today, I was planning to go to school (but I was quite sick of doing work at the same place), but somehow I met Serena on the way to the building. Turns out, she was going to a cafe to do work. So I'd asked if we could go together, and coincidentally it was near Dhoby Gaut, which I was planning to go in the evening. Yay! :)

I am really really really pleased. Also, the cafe was really lovely. It's called Cup N Canvas and they offer pretty good food for a decent price. The place wasn't crowded so it was really ideal.

My outfit was comfortable. I was really hoping it would rain, but it drizzled. How annoying. It was a good thing that the cafe was chilly enough. Grabbing every opportunity to wear slightly 'wintery' clothing. 

Oh man, I've got tons of illustrations to complete over the weekend. All the best, Sandy! 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I see you from the screen!


It's Friday tomorrow! Whooohooooooo! Okay, it's not like I have anything plan anyway. But it's good to know that the week is coming to an end. That reminds me, I have my interim next week! And I still have tons of work uncompleted. Nice....

Yesterday, while waiting for the elevator in my school, I've discovered something interesting. I mean, there are only 3 lifts in the whole school (not enough, obviously). So you would probably encounter them one way or another, even if you aren't from Design. On the third level, there's this huge touch screen tv thing placed in between the lifts and very often, it flashes 'TOUCH ME!' on it. So, while waiting the lift to come by, I was attracted to the flashing screen and eventually checked it out.

Turns out, there are cameras installed in the whole polytechnics's canteens!

So you can check out the crowd in all the canteens. As usual, the designer's pad seems to be the most popular. Just found it a bit amusing cause I spotted my friends on screen. Such a country pumpkin I am.

Monday, December 3, 2012

My life changing event

There's a new timeline event on Facebook now. Basically, it's like you can add events about your life to your timeline. It has a variety of choices you can put. Pretty cool actually.

What? Have you not heard of the Butterfly Effect? Every little thing you do can change your L-I-F-E(I literally read that out loud)! 

Facebook manifests


This is my new profile picture on Facebook. 

I took it in the library yesterday, trying to show-off my sweetheart earrings and covering my nose at the same time. Those earrings are awesome! They are huge, and I feel proud wearing them. Even though Sarah said I look like an auntie! Haha! 

Anyway, I distinctly remembered telling myself (47 days ago, to be exact) that I have to stop using Facebook. Why? Because it made me procrastinate too much. It was easy scrolling down the newsfeed, going through everyones' lives. Then I realized I had none.  The first thing I type into the address bar is 'fa- ', and then it automatically directs me to the Facebook website. It became habit. Even the computer knew! So I deactivate it. At the same time, I wondered if anyone missed me on the social network over that period.

Well, not really. Who would? 

Instead, I felt I was missing out. My friends had events and hang outs and they would just post it through Facebook. Since I deactivated my account, I didn't know any of it and they didn't inform me either. I mean, it's nobody's fault even if they don't invite me. Honestly, I wanted to be independent. I wanted to draw and listen to music. Do things I enjoy. Yet, I can't help but kept thinking about what is everyone else doing? It was just so easy to log on to Facebook since everything is, there. It was literally calling out to me. Therefore, I went back. :(

Yesterday, I watched Life of Pi with Mikee. Yes, Mikee! Who would thought I would go out with Mikee. I have never hang out with her before. Actually, it was accidental. I went to the library yesterday, alone. I saw her looking for books and so I said 'hi'. After that, we were just talking about the new movie and how we both wanted to watch it. So, why not? The movie has brilliant visuals, but I'm not sure about the plot. 

Using sticky notes has become a essential for making check-list These Iphone photo filters have cut me some slack!

Oh look, it's Facebook again! Stars are coming btw, I'm hoping to attend the gig but not sure who I can go with. Would it be strange to go alone? Maybe, not. I've watched several movies alone in the cinemas before. It wasn't so bad. A little lonely, I guess, but not enough to make me leave the cinema. So yeah, I might go alone. 

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Here I am, sitting in the school library. I have to leave my home because my lover (my bed, actually) didn't want to let me go.

I'm hoping to get some work done today. Buried myself in stacks of design books, and now I feel like drowning with all these random, irrelevant ideas. Good thing, really. At least there's something new in my sketch book. Anyway, I have been wanting to have a hair cut. That soft after-saloon feeling when your fingers sweep through your hair. But I visited the saloon a month ago, isn't it too soon to go again?

Isn't it weird to start an entry with 'hello'? I think so. It feels like I know who I am writing to. Some time ago, my dog farted. I am especially amused because she jumped a little when the gas came out of her behind, and then she stared at me as if questioning, 'what was that noise? erk, it kinda stink too!' And then, I caught my other dog sniffing poop. Why would you want to do that? Unless, there is some leftover from the last meal you had. Dogs are weird.

I've watched 'Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging' again. I am still really disappointed that Aaron Johnson chose to marry Sam Taylor Wood. He was so dreamy, like a real teen heart throb in the movie. And then I googled the recent photos of himself and he aged so much, like a 40 something.

Look at this beautiful creature!

Holding hands with his lover. Damn, he looks much older now.

Ultimate self-destruction! 

My mom told me that no money can buy youth, but certainly, I wouldn't want to be paid to look aged either. If you get what I mean? Since it isn't a secret that some actresses, in this case actors, have relationships with powerful people in that industry to have more opportunities. I keep thinking of the scene where Robbie (character Aaron was playing) and Georgie kissing! :(

School's boring. Hopefully my final year project will be great and go according to my plan. Anyway, I have to go now!