Monday, December 3, 2012

Facebook manifests


This is my new profile picture on Facebook. 

I took it in the library yesterday, trying to show-off my sweetheart earrings and covering my nose at the same time. Those earrings are awesome! They are huge, and I feel proud wearing them. Even though Sarah said I look like an auntie! Haha! 

Anyway, I distinctly remembered telling myself (47 days ago, to be exact) that I have to stop using Facebook. Why? Because it made me procrastinate too much. It was easy scrolling down the newsfeed, going through everyones' lives. Then I realized I had none.  The first thing I type into the address bar is 'fa- ', and then it automatically directs me to the Facebook website. It became habit. Even the computer knew! So I deactivate it. At the same time, I wondered if anyone missed me on the social network over that period.

Well, not really. Who would? 

Instead, I felt I was missing out. My friends had events and hang outs and they would just post it through Facebook. Since I deactivated my account, I didn't know any of it and they didn't inform me either. I mean, it's nobody's fault even if they don't invite me. Honestly, I wanted to be independent. I wanted to draw and listen to music. Do things I enjoy. Yet, I can't help but kept thinking about what is everyone else doing? It was just so easy to log on to Facebook since everything is, there. It was literally calling out to me. Therefore, I went back. :(

Yesterday, I watched Life of Pi with Mikee. Yes, Mikee! Who would thought I would go out with Mikee. I have never hang out with her before. Actually, it was accidental. I went to the library yesterday, alone. I saw her looking for books and so I said 'hi'. After that, we were just talking about the new movie and how we both wanted to watch it. So, why not? The movie has brilliant visuals, but I'm not sure about the plot. 

Using sticky notes has become a essential for making check-list These Iphone photo filters have cut me some slack!

Oh look, it's Facebook again! Stars are coming btw, I'm hoping to attend the gig but not sure who I can go with. Would it be strange to go alone? Maybe, not. I've watched several movies alone in the cinemas before. It wasn't so bad. A little lonely, I guess, but not enough to make me leave the cinema. So yeah, I might go alone. 

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