Sunday, March 8, 2015

too happy.

overestimate myself sometimes, :3

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

part of me grew up again. i think growing up is an everlasting occurrence, perhaps till the day i leave this world. recently, i have been blessed to encounter a person that shares the most uncanny similarities with me. it is almost magical, unbelievable because everything felt like it fits. like opinions for music, politics, social problems, people, mannerism (and many more ive yet to discover) are similar, if not the same. is this my sub-conscious criteria for a fitting partner? im not sure, but i really enjoy every moment thus far. it's almost crazy because we have this connection, even if the conversation is just silence, the buzzing sound of the phone...

i am not used to this though.

it's like free falling into the deep end of the pool- it's scary yet grown up enough to be allowed to the deep ends... but i want to keep floating and enjoy this sensation. yeah, he likes me quite a lot and i feel the same too. it's great to have mutual respect, appreciation and liking each other. yay!

there are many things he said that made me reconsider myself as person, seeing myself in another person's point of view and vice versa. this has been an amazing experience, i cannot wait for the future!