Friday, April 11, 2014

sometimes, i feel sad that people from singapore claim that they know hong kong so much. they probably do though. but i just feel sad that i've lost the opportunities to be close to the country i was born in. or, maybe i hadnt lost it yet. i want to keep the things, places and people all to myself. then again, i want to share the things that are good. why do i feel this way?

also, boys/guys/dudes (everything but not a man) can be so such fickle heads. it makes me confused but they are pretty cute...and disgusting at the same time. omg what is wrong with me?

but nevermind, i am doing alright. just having sniffles currently. i hope you are well too!

i look cute here. probably because half my face is covered.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

i will never be nice to boys/guys anymore.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Thursday, April 3, 2014

also, i would like to add that....

if you dont open your heart, and your's very hard for anyone to fall for you, vice versa

advice from myself that i need to use as well.... sigh sigh sigh

how are you? have you been alright? why are you on the internet again? arent you suppose to have actual work to do; projects, school, work? how did you come here? are we friends in real life? i hope not.

sometimes, i feel like i loose touch with reality.

i have created a whole identity of someone i want to be, and manage to convince my head i am who i am (but not really, it's just someone else) and it just sounds way too depressing.

i must admit, i am honest. i enjoy being honest, and the integrity and rawness of it makes me feel comfortable with who i am. however, it gets blurred with who i want to be... i dont think you'll get it. do you? it's cool, no one does. i think i have some sort of phobia of falling in love. i am terrified. i hate it, but i love to experience it and i think i'll keep breaking hearts.

no, no im not a player. i get played (by own mind) too. it's terrible.

can i draw a comic based on this? nah, i'm lazy, i rather just get on asos/uo/ebay (its shit yeah) and buy stuff to numb some of my emotions. i'm afraid of people flipping the tables after uncovering all that's left of me.

this doesnt even make sense because im announcing this to everyone, on the internet. but, but the internet is everyone so it also means its no one.

damn it.

sorry.... ys, p, l, m, n, r, f.....

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

i feel sick. drank too much, too much smoke, thought too much, burped too much and now a train of hiccups is torturing me too.

too much too