Saturday, June 20, 2015

hello space. internet; the world where everything exist in a non-existential world. i welcome you yet again to this blob of whatever you wish to call it, that is suppose to belong to me... or not.

it's 3.13am.

i'd just returned from helping my friend with her deadline, which i genuinely care for. i think whoever still follows this blog thing probably knows (or knew) me in person. hello hello!

this week had been shit. i stumbled and tripping over my life so far. i think its okay so far, in comparison with the 7 billion (minus me) people on this planet so i feel like i definitely have no rights to complain, or maybe i do. because FUCK yeah, even if im a speck of dust in this fucking universe within a billion other more galaxies x universe, i.... still exist. so fuck im just going to type whatever the fuck i want.

i mean, my life isnt bad really, but i feel so not complete. but what is complete, right?

by the way, im not drunk.