Friday, December 7, 2012

Cup N Canvas


What a awesome surprise I had! Woooow! Today, I was planning to go to school (but I was quite sick of doing work at the same place), but somehow I met Serena on the way to the building. Turns out, she was going to a cafe to do work. So I'd asked if we could go together, and coincidentally it was near Dhoby Gaut, which I was planning to go in the evening. Yay! :)

I am really really really pleased. Also, the cafe was really lovely. It's called Cup N Canvas and they offer pretty good food for a decent price. The place wasn't crowded so it was really ideal.

My outfit was comfortable. I was really hoping it would rain, but it drizzled. How annoying. It was a good thing that the cafe was chilly enough. Grabbing every opportunity to wear slightly 'wintery' clothing. 

Oh man, I've got tons of illustrations to complete over the weekend. All the best, Sandy! 

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