Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I see you from the screen!


It's Friday tomorrow! Whooohooooooo! Okay, it's not like I have anything plan anyway. But it's good to know that the week is coming to an end. That reminds me, I have my interim next week! And I still have tons of work uncompleted. Nice....

Yesterday, while waiting for the elevator in my school, I've discovered something interesting. I mean, there are only 3 lifts in the whole school (not enough, obviously). So you would probably encounter them one way or another, even if you aren't from Design. On the third level, there's this huge touch screen tv thing placed in between the lifts and very often, it flashes 'TOUCH ME!' on it. So, while waiting the lift to come by, I was attracted to the flashing screen and eventually checked it out.

Turns out, there are cameras installed in the whole polytechnics's canteens!

So you can check out the crowd in all the canteens. As usual, the designer's pad seems to be the most popular. Just found it a bit amusing cause I spotted my friends on screen. Such a country pumpkin I am.

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