Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rainy Days are....great


The weather in Singapore during the past week has been AMAZING! The sunshine is soft in morning, it pours heavily during the afternoon (which is fine, since I'm usually indoors) and very very windy and cold during the evening. You would probably think we aren't in Singapore anymore. Awesomeness! 

Good news, I have also finished my presentation for interim two. The feedback was pretty okay and the panel gave some really helpful suggestions. Which I actually felt, surprised! Before it was my turn, I've imagined the lecturers shooting my deliverables down and everything was bad, bad and unconvincing. But, nah it was alright. So, now I'll give myself a tiny tiny break before I work on improving the project. Side note, some of my schoolmates who did not do too well; It's OK! Since it's only the 2nd interim! There's another one and the last assessment! Plus the percentage is low so it's not going to make a significant difference. I know, I know, you probably say, "But every point counts!" Well, then treat yourself some chocolate and work extra hard for the final execution. 

Anyway, have you guys seen the new color of the year for 2013?

Hello emerald! Such a happy-go-lucky color. It's the color of precious gems and the capital color for the city of Oz. Also, it was a really popular color in the 80s so it's great that emerald makes a comeback.

First thing I'd thought of!

And the beetles! I've seen emerald green beetles, and it is probably the prettiest color a beetle could have.

The very awesome Kokiri's emerald ring. I wish I have one....Oh dear, I feel like a geek. 

Honestly, I think emerald is a great color for designer rooms. Have a look, they are so pretty!

More from here

It would be great to work in a green environment, since it suggest nature and a soothing color. Quite excited to see what the fashion scene is going to come out with emerald, too. My bed is calling out for me again, bye!

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