Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New discovery


I'm back to my old habit again. Had been playing tetris instead of doing my work for almost 3 hours already. Very productive isn't it? Anyway, ever since my subscription with Tomio Koyoma Gallery, I've been discovering really amazing artist, and here's one of them!

Her name is Tomoko Nagai and she uses a variety of medium for her paintings. Mainly oil paint, spray and glitter! She's a fine art graduate (which I've been also considering whether to pursue that degree after graduation) from Aichi Perfectural University of Fine Arts.

Personally, I really like it because it's combination of everything girly, animals, weird monsters and mushrooms. Really quirky and highly imaginative. Probably things that I would doodle when I daydream. You can find out about her and her art from here. Hope this little random post would spark some creativity in you, too!

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