Thursday, January 24, 2013



OMG! Spring is here! Okay, it doesn't make any difference living in Singapore. BUT, new fashion seasons sprouts are blooming. And I was really excited to see Wildfox Couture's new stuff. Although I must add, I've never own a piece from the brand. It is just wayyyyyyy too much for myself to afford. I just enjoy looking at the clothes and and and their models are gorgeous! Anyway, I'd just saw their new collection and .... TADA

Hang on a second– that looks familar! Isn't that suppose to be Cher, Dionne and Tai from Clueless? Since when did they grew 3 inches taller and lost so much weight!

Ahhh, the new Wildfox is inspired by 1995's Clueless. WHOOOHOOO! Who hadnt watch Clueless needs to go watch it RIGHT NOW. It's such a awesome chick flick. 

OOOO bitches bitching about the new girl. 

 HAIR FLICKING MOMENT. That plaid coordinate is so cute and memorable. 

Somehow, I'm more interested in comparing their shoots and the actual outfits from the movie! LOL. Nevertheless, very lovely clothes. Back to work now!

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