Saturday, January 19, 2013



I have recently tried watching a movie called 'Dogtooth', it is a Greek film and I think it has been nominated into various awards and won something but I forgot. To be honest, I did not finish watching the movie because I was really really disturbed, not even halfway through. I mean, it's not like horror-creepy, it's just weird-creepy!

Basically, it is about a middle-aged couple taking homeschooling to the extreme. Like waaaay extreme! A bit sadistic if you ask me. They don't allow their children (teenagers) out of the house or in contact with the world at all. The children are taught to associate words like 'sea' with their leather chair, and 'keyboard' as the female genitals. Also, they teach their children that the cat is the most dangerous creature in the world (made them perform weird rituals)! Really weird isn't it?

The is the part when the woman who provided sex for the son, asked the oldest daughter for sexual favors. 

In order to control their son's raging hormones, (which is natural at that age), the father brought a woman for him to have sex with. So basically, sex is really meaningless since the boy don't know anything about it, but does it for the sake of doing it. Later part of the movie also shows incestion (obviously the kids do it without having any fear or desire, no feeling at all) which is all very very strange. I did not finished watching it because after reading the plot, I got creeped out and annoyed. Yes, irritated by it.

Anyway, you might wonder why I even watched it in the first place? Or how I came to know the film. Well, I've always enjoyed Alpine's music and happened to be playing their music video, called 'Hands' (you can watch it below here if you have not) is about making out with your HANDS!

And I came across a comment where the person said the director of the video obviously got inspirations from 'Dogtooth'. Sooooo, I tried to watch the movie...... now I understand why that person said so. Before I leave, here's a playlist I have made!

As the title said it, the playlist consist of music I (used to or still) put on repeats, because I enjoyed it so much. It would also be music I would play if I am running away from chasing zombies.

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