Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Not very original with this blog post's title. I don't know how people come out with cool blog titles and still stay relevant. Now, before I begin, I would like to invite you to play the following song...video. It's a-mayyyyy-zing!!!

Pretty sure everyone has watched 'Inception', and this is one of those Hans Zimmer songs you HAVE to have in your playlist. It is a remix (usually I prefer original ones) but 'We Plants Are Happy Plants' makes the best remixes. Please check it out!

Anyway, yesterday was my final interim. It turned out better than I thought! WOOOOOOOO! CELEBRATION!!!!! Have to keep reminding myself it is not the end yet, so I shan't become too relaxed. There's still many nifty little details untouched. Really cannot wait to complete the project (mentioned this countless times) so I can start on other personal projects!

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