Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Feeling lonely?

It is wednesday, as promised, I will suggest some songs today!

Somehow, I always feel lonely on wednesdays. So I play songs to make me feel LONELIER! I like it. :) It's nice to leave some time to yourself. But not too much, you probably go crazy and it's not good to be crazy.

I was walking home last wednesday while reading a creepypasta thats about a shadow following the victim. It's ...creepy and lonely and I want to share it with you.

You can read the story here:

GOOD LUCK. best read in the dark, under the blanket. no music at all. the irony cause this is a lonely playlist recommendation :P


1. Show Me Love by Tatu
This song just give me chills up and down. Especially the last part. There's this hanging phone ring tune at the end. Reminds me of a cliffhanger from some horror movie. Really nice, furthermore nothing beats a pretty lesbian duo.

2. Le Moulin by Yann Tiersen (from the Amelie soundtrack)
It's just so sad. Instrumental musics are usually just saaaaaaddddd and it's in a minor key so it's even SADDDERRRR :( i think it's played during the sad part of the movie. Like somebody died and you're reminiscing about the dying. ::::::( 

3. にじむ殘像 by Boris (from the The Confession original soundtrack)
Another movie soundtrack. The first time I heard it, it gave me the CREEPS! But the more I listen to it, I realized the electronic bass is really beautiful. Passable background music for some sad creepy murder scene when the murderer was caught and hung.

4. What's a Girl got to do? by Bat for Lashes
Reminds me of a goth/death themed fashion show catwalk song. It's a hot track but with a murderous tune. Just read the following lyrics: When you love so long, that the thrill is gone. And your kisses at night are replaced with tears. And when your dreams are on a train to train wreck town...  JUST HAUNTING like some obsessed heartbroken girl. :(( like laina..... hehe

5. The Dress by Blonde Redhead
Oh my, I first got to know Blonde Redhead when I was in secondary school. I loved their song, '23' so I bought the album and when my discman (lol i used to USE it omg) played 'The Dress', my first reaction was like....what. the. heck. is. this. shit. LOL NO. it's not shit, it's lovely music but realllyyyyyyyy creeped me out. Till today, now, I'd just played it, it made me turned to check if anyone was spying at me from the window. x___x

Is 5 songs enough? I hope you will really take a listen to each and every song hehe, it's honestly a nice feeling to be creeped out, there's this thrill when your heart pumps faster as you feel paranoid.

somebody watching you as you read my blog? check underneath your bed tonight just incase. good night!

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