Friday, August 3, 2012


I'd been sneezy all day. is there such as word? maybe, there's no red dotted line beneath it. How are you? I hope you had a great week. The weather has been sneezy too. LOL one moment, it's all hot and baking and everything is dying cause its so MOFO HOT. then the next moment, the sky begins PEEING! internship at trememdousnessssss has been GREAT. people there are GREAT. the environment is GREAT. food is OKAY. but the CAT WAS THE BEST!


from that very moment, i'd imagine myself to be some cat-man just like how spiderman become who what he is. I CAN CLIMB WALLS AND NOT FALL!!! HAHA. and it's caturday today. ek my PUNS sucks.

the meowface ah. I WANT a cat so badly. :( but it's like my two dogs love cats but when ever i introduce any cat, even kittens, they all reject them. so, i guess i've to wait for a apartment on my own. i'll probably introduce a puppy and a kitten together so they'll grow old together and die together. 

ANYWAY, remember i'd dyed my bag? I 'pimp'ed it even more!

hrc honda, yamaha, shoei, prince, blablah blahblahhhhh. RACING motor stuff.

lookie. asian twizzzzzzttttiexxxzxzxzxzxzx for ya''''' V^^
so hip so hop ahaaaaaaaaahhh~u~

i know this dip dye ombre thing has been a trend wayyyyyyyyyyy~~~~ too long but i just like the way colors blend and melt into each other's arms so a few months back i was searching for well made ombre clothing and HERE's ONE that's superb. but the price makes it a fall back :(

NICE HOR :> but 25 euro for one shirt/sweater which i can make also. not very worth *A* sorry dom sebastian.


the past week, i'd been sketching people while on the train. HAHA and here's some less offensive drawings i did. it's almost 99% accurate of what've been observed. NO HATIN'

the SG nerd > mid 30s > single blablablablabalbal

the bald dude and your avg poly girl. 

the china couple vs the old lady

the after work OL *sniff sniff* she looks heartbroken, kept checking her handphone and stuff. 

im sorry but this dude really had some crazy ass hair that looked shinny enough to be a mirror. 

and the office cat,..... which was inspired by............

my colleague scanned the poor kitty's balls. HA!

LASTLY some weekly inspirations for your weekend :::::::))))))))))))))))))))) *alien*

is that xiaxue??? *u* she cant be that cool....



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