Monday, July 30, 2012

the story of bacon

Yes, this is my second post for a monday. I dont know why, but I just feel like writing this down before I forget about it. I know, I could've write it down in my sketch book or something but typing is obviously fasssster! WHEE! OK, this. is. a. story. of. bacon.

Bacon. What is bacon? BACON is food. one of my fav food, too!

"Bacon is a cured meat prepared from a pig. It is first cured using large quantities of salt, either in a brine or in a dry packing; the result is fresh bacon (also known as green bacon). Fresh bacon may then be further dried for weeks or months in cold air, boiled, or smoked. Fresh and dried bacon is typically cooked before eating. Boiled bacon is ready to eat, as is some smoked bacon, but may be cooked further before eating." 

Extracted that from wiki. *good' ol wiki.* Bacon is also my friend's hamster. It is also what i sometimes call people when they're stupid or doing something stupid. BACON. It is my secret code. Kinda. Not really a secret anymore now.

So one day, I was on a train. A bacon boarded the train and happened to be in the same cabin. He looked like any other bacon. Smelled like any bacon. Tast– ok impossibru. LOL and then he died.


because you've read the story about bacon, you are now CURSED as a bacon.

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