Sunday, July 29, 2012

turquoise and stuff

hello kiddies.

erm. HI! today is monday. which is suppose to be a moody, dull monday, monday blues blablabla. BUT, i dont want that to happen since im usually moody most of the days so monday should be a happy day for ME! and therefore, since you're reading this. you shall be HAPPY, too.

i dont want to be blue. because blue is so....BLUE. i couldnt think of any other word to describe it. in comparison, TURQUOISE is just so wonderfoooooooool~ and therefore, you are FORCEDD TO SEE THESE WONDERFOOOOOOOL LOVELY INSPIRATIONAL PHOTOS :>

this is a lovely cat

this is a pair of lovely kitty platforms

play this song VVVVVV it matches the whole mood! :) YOU GOT TO LISTEN TO IT! IT'S AWESOME :) :) :) 

and this is why i've decided to DYE my canvas bag pack this lovely lovely car lurh!

and after hunting in my store room, i'd discover TREASURES!!!!

yep, gonna sew them to cover the holes and patches on my jeans. TILL THEN!

~___~  BAI!

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