Monday, August 13, 2012

the story of bacon: PART 11

ok, you've got to search for the other previous 10 parts of the bacon story. IM SERIOUS, you're missing out if you dont find it in my blog. :)

OK, if you did read the previous PART of the bacon story (click here if you wanna read the previous part) , you would have discovered that YOU'D BEEN CURSED AS A BACON! Yes, so how's life so far as a bacon? Still living? Breathing? HAPPY? SAD? I BACON (beckon LOL) YOU TO COME FORWARD as you pretend Im really whispering the following to you. ... .. ..... ..

Bacon, you had been a great bacon. As u continue living in your daily routine ignorantly, you dont know about this secret (that im going to reveal in the next sentence).. Yes, you may not look like a bacon, hidden beneath your human skin....but EVERY full moon, you transformed into a REAL bacon person! YES IT TRUE!!! IT IS TRUE! ever since you've read the previous part of the BACON story, you'd been cursed. And im telling you, no one knows but ME. and i have PROVE.

the following picture....

IS ACTUALLY YOU! I took this picture when you transformed into a bacon person. The reason why you dont know about this is you've forgotten about it. For 3hours in board daylight on the day of the fullmoon, you would roam around LIKE THAT!! IN FULL NAKED BACON GLORY. because you are a bacon, you run fast and nobody can spot you....

You ask; so how did I manage to capture this photo of you? Well, cause ... I AM ALSO A BACON, but level 2. SO i'm obviously faster since im your senior. teehee. 

ANDDDDD here's another picture...

OF YOU! *yep that's in-style magazine, usa edition*


so now, since you know the secret

keep on living like you normally do...but everytime you see that full moon, you would be reminded that you'd been a bacon PERSON for 3 hrs during the day. 


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