Monday, August 13, 2012

run - run---


running. jogging. exercising!

Obviously, you are more conscious about your physical appeal over health while exercising. DUH! not the other way round anymore. I run too :) Running makes me feel....

BAH NUH NUH NUH NUH!!!! b. a. n. a. and eh and eh NA! lol... it's nice to exercise la. the end. 

usually i bring my ipod down so i wont feel so bored running. I think it helps, like when the beat does bom bom da bom bom instead of the doo doooo doooo dooo *slow melody* feet will sort of jog along to it. ^^ SO ITS GOOD TO HAVE SUM MUSSSICK YA?! lol ew. 

so everytime i go jogging i always ALWAYS have a train of thoughts to distract the pain in my stomach. like, erm...

1. Observing passing runners' thighs rubbing against each other. LOL

2. Is that girls boobs REAL? ITS HUGE and doesnt bounce much. HA. 

3. Farting. And not hearing it cause my earpiece COVERS my ears, does the passerby heard it too? HAHAHA

4. Are the people in their vehicle staring at me as i gasp for oxygen.

5. That dude. is hot.

6. Shit, that auntie is jogging faster than me, 2 rounds MORE than me too. OMG i need to toughen up :(((

7. Should i buy bubble tea after running?

8. Okay, 10 seconds more then I'll start walking! ^^....... *1 second later* omg i cant take it anymore. I NEED TO STOP!

9. What's for dinner later?

10. AHH that dog is soo cute!

11. Ok i need to poop/pee already. time to go home! 

HAHAHAHA, do you have similar thoughts too? I talk about shit too much. :\ 

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