Friday, August 24, 2012

So i've decided to post something in case you had been visiting. im sure you did, to check out if i've any silly stupid rants that somehow, you are interested in. stalkkerrrerererrrr!!!

i'm going to.
talk about
MUSCULAR things. nope. not just people, things, objects yadayada... sidetrack, i like 'italics'.

anyway, have you ever heard a certain female exclaiming how they just adore muscular man? I have. On the trains, bus, market, scrap-book making store etc, ALL THE TIME. These red blooded, horny (in cantonese it's 'fa how' whatever...) woman, they just yak on how much they lurrrrrveeeeeeeeeeee muscular men. And im just whatever, too much muscles just weird to me. I imagine those really really huge man with 6 balls growing on their arms and stuff. Maybe they wanted muscular men but not the super muscular ones...

*i'd barfed*

"i cant see anything below my chest... :( "

and what about muscular....


omg this is NOT right. ITS NOT NATURAL AT ALL! that is not meant to be! what about a muscular....

CACTUS. haw haw. 

Muscles just scares me. I just wanna squeeze it out and save those muscular men/dog/cactus by slicing those ACKKKKK additional biceps and what not out. 

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