Tuesday, April 26, 2011

bloody mess

bloody indeed. I returned home from my dental appointment. they made a mold out of my teeth. the experience was outlandish and it felt like chewing a giant gum that can't be chew since it's so huge. afterwards, my teeth is polished nicely and it felt too clean to be real. had dinner at a chinese restaurant since it was my father's birthday. hurrah dad, you're older again so please stop bullying the dogs. ok, kidding. happy birthday, not like you are ever gonna read this here. tralah!

took the bus alone since they are riding on a motorcycle. almost immediately, out of no where, my knee started bleeding (after getting myself cut from some opened glass pane). it went on and on like there's no tomorrow. and when i thought it finished bleeding, i went to bathe and it suddenly bleed again. so, now my toilet looks like...somebody gave birth. it looks revolting and i shall not continue any further. i have assignment to do so bye bye.

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