Friday, April 8, 2011

dip dip dippity show

hello again. i'd just attended the diploma show yesterday, it was exhilarating - okay, so it wasn't the funnest day but it was fun. paradox, get what i mean? anyway, i'm addicted to justin bieber's song lahhhhhh i wonder why! ugh, this two weeks gonna' be the busiest since there's so many things to do. why doesn't my holiday feel like a holiday? i need a getaway! oh and recently, i got no idea why i keep putting gifs (i found on tumblr, my preloved site) in my entries, ah wellzz! 

Pantane shampoo makes my hair smells like rock melon. I swear! It has the loveliest, fruity smell ever!

Blogger makes it difficult to post gif sometimes, yknow? You have to change the kb size thingy, but this makes me go... 'ahhhhhh, so true!'

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