Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Something funny happened to me this morning when I was about to wake up! And so, my phone alarm was on, and I snoozed it, I did'nt realized I'd dropped my phone on the floor so when it went on again, I tried to reach for it, I rolled over my bed and hit my head! Damn, I keep getting myself hit and all. I'm black and blue all over. :(

Anyway! These past few days of this week, I'd been really happy. Maybe it's because I friggin grew taller! Oh yeah, I'm officially 170.7cm. Almost 171! So, if I wear my Reebok shoe to school, I'll be 174cm! Wow, Sandy! OK, I'm smiling as I am typing this. I had an really pleasant afternoon! Really, I went to school for my programme meeting. I kinda dreaded it because I hate it when my face turns fucking red. :( But anyway, the point is, that I finally meet up with Gina lah!

Ate something and then I went home! Ooo jollification!

OOO mindfucked.

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