Friday, April 1, 2011

Tongue and ah lianzxzxzxzxzxzxzxzxzxzxz

What's the fucking point of having a tongue piercing? It's ugly. It looks like a fucking pimple if you flick your tongue too quickly. Perhaps, when you finished all your food, you might hallucinate that, 'wow, i'd finished all my food :( ! oh wait— no, it's just my tongue stud. yum, let me try to chew on it to ease my hunger'. fuck. ah, maybe you want to add some sort of tongue training obstacle when you kiss somebody? or perhaps, you want to be an idiot so that when you brush your teeth, you have some thing extra to polish, too? oh wow, when you speak, you want something glitter and shine like your mom's toe ring!? probably, you just want rust to grow on your tongue so that it corrodes it and made a hole in it, so when you show off to your friends and you're like; 'hey cara! look, my tongue has a hole! and i can totally put my pinky in it!' and your friend, cara put in her thumb instead and said, ' nooooo i can put my whole thumb in it! i wanna be like youuuu, your so cool!' fucking retards. piercing your tongue when your'e only freaking 11 shows that have no intelligent or any simple, common sense in yourself. peace.

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