Wednesday, May 18, 2011

roller chairs

nothing. it doesn't fill me with anything as i wanted it before. there's a difference between this one and that one, previously. perhaps it's another mistake again. perhaps i should just let whatever take over this damned situation. fuck the lies.

i'm just afraid that it might turn ugly, scarring the unfortunate individual.

anyway, this block is ending soon. so hurrah for that. so sick of chicken cutlets and teh-peng that i think im gagging right now. it's about time to derange. so therefore i shall. honestly, i don't like people. if its possible, i would love to live alone and never to have interaction with humans. im okay with animals. but it's nonviable, and pointless musing about such fanciful notion. if only there's a frivolous, random skittish place that only God shall exist (hint hint!!) . This isn't morbid, by the way, yes you.

the paradox that the word, 'friend' has a 'end' in it. and the random pictures i'd came across tumblr.

tom the earthworm to the rescue!
and damnation, fuck you bitch.

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