Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Felt really accomplished yesterday since i'd finished my toothpaste box. I was so inspired by colgate that i went to buy a new tube of toothpaste (since the old one was some random brand my mom bought)! how fun! can't wait to use it soon. i think i am really really eccentric, sometimes. quite a sucky attempt since accuracy is a bit far off since the box sample was not laid out 100% flat. 

freaking hate the cutting part.

does it look like teeth to you? i hope so, cause dilon said he wouldn't have thought of that if I didn't mention it to him. i think it's a bit too cutesy to be a toothpaste brand. oh well. 

hello! out of random, i wonder why i've never posted this before. and so, today was the last day of my contact lens expiration! and like always, i like to experiment with it. i actually look forward to my contact lenes expiring. okay, so some people might think it's retarded and lame but i'd been (secretly) trying all sorts of things with my contact lens. if your'e wearing contact lenses, you should definitely try what i did. if only i have time, i would illustrate it out pictorial examples so that it will aid your experiments ^^

1) stretch your contact lenses as much as possible without tearing it.
2) clean it with detergent
3) freeze it in the fridge
4) boil it
5) microwave it
6) fry it
7) twist it
8) dunk it in maple syrup. 

ok, please don't judge me! good night! 

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