Saturday, July 30, 2011



i am frustrated. as frustrated as i can be. i hate my parents. is it normal? like do teenagers usually do that? i don't know. but i hate them so much and i want to strangle them. i know i will never do that, but boy, do i fucking hate them so much. just leave me alone.

actually nothing happened, really. but it's just the presence. my mother's irritating shit. she yells at the stupidest lamest things. like washing my hair around after 9pm. fucking lame. or forgetting to bring my waterbottle to school. i don't want to listen anymore. I CAN'T EVEN LISTEN TO MUSIC because she snatched away my headphones. and she's threatening to dump my laptop away. hurrah, even better. a greater excuse that i don't have to attend school anymore. she doesn't like me going to that school anyway.  you, are just lucky that you don't have over controlling parents. i'm jealous.

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