Monday, July 11, 2011

How to make a gif from video

How can you make a normal working gif from a video? It's pretty simple. And any video can be converted into a gif, even those on youtube(which can be done by googling a youtube video converter) :) REALLY hope it helps!

Things you'll need:
The desired video
Following all these steps properly.
*enlarge pictures by clicking on them.

You need a video ready. And it MUST be in .mov format. I have no idea why, but other formats don't work. So, if you're using a mac, you can change it simply by, right click (control+click) and select 'Get info'.

change the format by retyping '.mov'

Next, open Photoshop ... 

File > Import > Video Frames to Layers

After selecting your desired video, you would see this window.

Choose the 'Selected Range Only' option, hold shift and click on the video stream for your desired gif image to show. 
*you can still choose the 'Beginning to End' option, but converting the file into frames would take really long, unless your video is only a few seconds long.


You should be able to see your video converted into frames (below) but if you don't see em', don't fret! You can do so by clicking Window > Animation and voila!

After editing the frames, you can proceed and save your work. However, it is advisable to adjust your image size to 32 dpi resolution. You don't want your image to take forever to load. Some websites, like blogger for instance will not load gifs that are bigger than a certain amount.

You can now save your gif by selecting 'Save for Web & Devices'

Make sure it is in 'GIF' format. If your image is still too large, you can adjust the 'Colors'.

AND you're done! Pretty easy right? 

If you have any enquires, feel free to drop it here :) Alright, need to do my assignments, BYE!

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