Wednesday, September 28, 2011

my life sucks. i fucking hate everyone. and i don't even know the reason why. i see that fat boy playing with his iphone, i want to punch his fucking face. that old man ogling over some random china woman, i want to punch his fucking face. that woman who sells children underwear at the wet market, i want to punch her fucking face. i look into the mirror, i want to punch my fucking face. i was watching family guy, and i want to punch peter griffin fucking face. and his fucking dog, his fucking daughter, his fucking wife and his SONS!!! i think i'm going to explode. FUCK YOU PEOPLE. fuck everyone. go to hell you shitload, worthless low lifes. vermin.

haha. feel good typing senseless crap.

i am going to vent all my frustration into tetris and playing the piano. good night.

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