Saturday, September 17, 2011

Things that I want

Possibly also the things that I can never have or have enough.

Thin, stick like legs
Cool clothes
Cool accessories
Cool shoes
A trip to Berlin
The feeling of acceptance
My own apartment
Piano skills like a pro
Ability to write backwards
A trip to UK
Long long hair
A established design company that wants me
Not having to feel lonely
A pair of really awesome stockings
Able to pull of wearing a bikini
Blue hair
Perfect eyesight
Perfect skin
Perfect toes
Perfect everything
A kitten
A bunny
A chinchilla
Ribbon necklace
Ability to solve rubiks cube in less than 10 seconds
Do a backflip
Scream like a mental person without being judge
Ride on a giraffe
Do a perfect hand stand without the support from a person or the wall

Let a girl dream!

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