Thursday, November 3, 2011

i keep telling myself to go on and start on a diet but i have not. not even. i still eat as much nutella with WHITE bread (2 pieces) and a glass of milk for breakfast. rice/meat for lunch and rice and meat for second lunch and some rice and meat for dinner. and loads of veggies. i hadnt been cutting down my amount at all. lol. okay, i want to have fucking skinny legs. i want to lose 5 kg! it isn't that hard. and the money i saved from cutting down on food can be used for my next haircut/treatment n___n I CAN DO IT!

who and who is so damn annoying. sometimes, i want to shout to it's face, 'leave me alone you creep!' because who and who had been texting me alot even though i said go away. so now i don't even bother replying.


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