Thursday, November 10, 2011

parents that never listen to your side of the story. no matter in what tone or ways you'd tried. the nice and gentle or the shouting and brawling.
never works if i'm the one whose reasoning out with them. so i gave up and stopped. i  just nodded to whatever they say. but no, it's still wrong. 'why arent you saying a word, cunt?' .... even if it wasn't my fault and i apologized, hopefully ending the argument, it would never work.

used to read 'teenage' and particularly enjoyed the dear kelly column because it gave advices that's related to communication with parents. tried all her suggestions and none of them had it's effect on mine. who the hell do i go to? the same advices all over again from friends. useless, because they don't experience the same parenting. it's not like i don't have friends. just never had one that's close enough to share problems with. maybe someone reading this would think... 'what a attention seeking whore, this bitch. ' ... i don't know but my life feels crap and if comparing me with a child from a third world country would make me feel better, i have nothing else to say.

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