Saturday, December 10, 2011

"how you doing?"
"fine, how are you?"
great, how are you?, fine?

this is why i am awkward all the time. not a people person! there are so many awkward scenarios and situations, it's happening as if it ... it's the same level as breathing.

1# see a friend in the lift but your friend isn't very close to you
so you know this person and you seen her quite a few times to know her name. you're friends with her on facebook but not to the extend that you have her contact number. do you say hi?...or do you desperately pretend she's not there. but isn't it rude? especially when it's only both of you in the four corners of such compact space? okay, so usually i just avoid eye contact but if it happens that there is eye contact, i just smile. ... and smile.. to myself (creeeeeppppyyyyyy)  so that it doesnt seem too fake. and praying that the lift reach her floor or my floor really soon. it doesnt help either if we're going to the same level. do i say bye? DO I SAY BYE!? it's even worst ifffffff the particular person is a guy. :( 

2# when your friend meets their friend on the streets
i hate it. i fucking hate this. it happens to everyone i suppose, but arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i really really despise the feeling of awkwardly standing aside while waiting for your friend to finish small chat with their friend. and therefore, most of the time, i'll pretend that i need to use the toilet or stare at the floor as if it's so intriguing ....anything to excuse myself or avoid being noticed by the other party. 
then again, if it goes the other way round, like - i happen to bump into a friend and my other friend is along with me, i don't know how to improve the situation either. BUMMMEEEERRR :(

3# when your friend gets a million text messages and you get NONE!
just prove that i have no social life and nobody needs me. hence, to make myself less awkward,i pretend to be texting or checking out facebook on my iphone but actually, i'm just scrolling down my contact list or playing oven break.  :(

4# accidentally making weird noises from my shoes that sound like farts
it happens! especially sneakers. what do i do? tell the onlookers that, 'hey, its my shoes!!!!' :(

5# when you accidentally brushed you hand onto your friend's hand.
OOPSIES hahahhaahahahaha our hands touched. :( weirdddddddddd!

*you can tell i got lazy as the list went on* 

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