Wednesday, December 14, 2011

SUBMISSION IS OVER! Many things to do this jolly jolly season. HOHOHO. i want to dress up as a fat santa. I started my 'diet' for three days already so I am going to complete the 30 days challenge till day three!

Day One- Your stats

age: 18
weight: 54kg/121pounds
thigh: 19.5 inch
arm: 9.8 inch
waist: 25.9 inch

Day Two- How tall are you? Do you like your height?

I am (or the last time I had my height taken at the gym..which was, a month plus ago) 173/4cm.... 
Dont care, just going to say I'm 5ft 7! I think I like my height, I really do but if I can, I would like to grow taller! You know how some girls don't seem to like the fact that you are tall for an asian girl? They start giving lame comments—  like, ''Yeah I might be short but I also don't want to be as tall as you.'' YOU SURE NOT? I can see it in your eyes (while looking down on you) that that's not what you really mean eyyyyy. And when I question them why, they (or some) have replied, ''Guys prefer smaller-size girls.They feel intimidated with tall girls.'' or ''It'll be harder to find clothes lah, cause' usually tall girls need bigger size."  I suppose there's some unintentional hinting and all but I don't agree at all. :(  Anyway I think 173cm is still a comfortable height. I guess, an average Singaporean dude is around my height, so bummer! Perhaps I'm more suited for Caucasians' heheeh! 

Day Three- A picture of your thinsperation. What features do you like about this person?

I like Felice Fawn's body (disclaimer: but I heard she was anorexic and lost weight by starving herself). I chose this picture because mainly, it shows off her body loh. She has nice legs. I want to wear everything in my closet without feeling or looking fat. 

I think the main problem is the area on the  both sides, between the waist to hip. it's so CHUNKY MONEKY! The only 'diet' I did was running in the morning and staying out of food with too much sodium, sugar and oil. So no junk food and desserts. But DAMN, i'd just ate ice cream yesterday. And my mom is annoying. She always always make or buy supper for herself and in the end, she can't finish them. Since my dad usually sleeps earlier, she will come to and ask me to help finish her food. Rice, instant noodles, seaweed chicken blah blah blah ... NOT HELPING. 

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