Saturday, February 18, 2012

I am a liar. We all are. And not the bad kind, really, but not the hilarious Jim Carrey kind, either. We just say things that generally aren’t true — and much more often than I think we’d like to admit. Our days are filled with little white lies — the good kind of course. Life would just be far too difficult to navigate without them. 

So damn true! Read the whole article at Thought Catalog! You will be nodding your head as you finish the article.

I'd been contemplating my time vs the report. Why? Simply because the submission day is on tuesday and I figure there's more then enough time to complete it. Furthermore, my parents aren't around to bug me to do my homework. So, HERE HERE!

I really need a portable camera to document my life. Those compact ones yet the lenses are good enough to capture really good resolutions. It would be even better if the display can be inverted- makes camwhoring more assessable. LOL

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