Thursday, February 14, 2013


This time, I'm at the central library. My wisdom tooth on the left is coming out. It hurts really bad cause the gum is being pushed and dying. I could only whisper now, it hurts just moving my jaw. Anyway, it's exactly a week's time till my submission. Almost there, because I am honestly trying to catch my breath! :(

Today, otw to the library, I was thinking of all these strangers I met on the cabin. I really wanted to smile, because I like being smiled at, too. Smiling for no reason, but simply to acknowledge your presence. It's really nice! Unfortunately, I didn't in the end.

I'd frowned instead, frowned to the ground, to the sweaty back of a man, to the train pole which I could imagine all these germs passed from passengers holding to it. Very unhappy. SIGH

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