Sunday, February 10, 2013


My birthday was okay. I don't expect much cause I've always felt that birthdays.....they happen every's just an age, a number, which shouldn't define anything. So, no parties, no cake, no hoo ha. I lied to somebody my family bought me a cake. Haha! Although, I'd secretly indulge myself in some online shopping. Bought this wonderful tapestry....

It's going to be perfect. My new room is going to be awesome. It's terribly small, but it'll be great cause my dad promised me to install built in speakers inside the mock walls (is that what you call them? those hollow cardboardish walls). And then i can play my favorite music and curl into my sheets, facing the reservoir. 

Was chatting with Kenneth and realized, i really need a life. I've not stepped out of the house for any recreational purpose...since idk....last October? No friends. Just school and home everyday. Attended somebody's funeral with my mom. Planning to visit this artsy area, was considering of asking my friends but idk....

My mom got sick today, on the first day of Chinese New Year! Super bummed, didn't get to go to Malaysia in the end. Somehow, I just can't wait to leave this shit-hole. Just don't feel like I belong. 

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