Sunday, March 17, 2013


This week has been rather....eventful. Finally moved out of the old house and into this rented place. Very convenient, and there's a park downstairs hopefully, it'll motivate (not even talking about doing it, yet,) to go jogging. Since I'd been eating quite a lot recently, no thanks to... :)

Also, went to uss again! Shit, it's the 5th time already, never getting sick of that place. Not especially with the cylon ride. Yes yes, i don't think im a thrill seeker...or am i? I'd remembered I was so terrified of the rides in Lotte World, but somehow i'm all good here. Weird!

Have not touch my school work, don't even want to think about it. Can I go out more often already? I am still at home almost everyday. LIKE A SLUG. Wait- i forgot what i want to type anymore. Specifically wanted to say something but it got lost into the mind of of mind...whatever.

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  1. hello womannn i have been going out to do work you should join me!!