Thursday, April 11, 2013


things i want someone to do together:

hold hands
discover new music
make food
eat food
watch underrated indie films
donate blood
help the community
create a project
go on a merry go round in the park
jump off the swing when its at its peak
plant tomato seeds
be fed cherry tomatoes LOL
video games
go-kart racing
separate bumper cars
hot dog contest
or pizza eating contest
explore new places
paint nails
give each other hair cuts
buy cans and cans of wintermelon tea and play bowling with it
alternatively, beer would be fine, too
crazy public dares
nerf war
adopt a pet or...a plant
ruin each other's faces with eyeliner
roller coasters
write nice thank you cards
clean wounds (if theres any)
pretend to be logs and...
roll in the mud 
roll down the hill
roll down the stairs (if its big enough) with mattress landing LOL
make sock puppets
...and then make up a stupid story with it
read children storybooks
disturb cats
disturb dogs
disturb ducks
visit the aquarium....while its not crowded
sneak into the theatre for a free show
prank someone? 
doodle on hands
doodle on knees
awkward dances
troll people....which is pranking. 
OK the list is infinite....


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