Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I just saw this particular tweet from the TP Confessions twitter and I am slightly alarmed.

"Can't stand those girls who wear shorts that are really short. Slut alert? #tpconfessions" *i sense some jealousy....*

That's just down right slut shaming someone who they do not even know. Such a stupid statement. Sure, wearing short-shorts is probably not the most appropriate for school. But wearing short shorts does not prove anyone being a slut. If she's confident to flaunt her legs or some butt cheeks, just let it. Why do people always have to degrade someone of their confidence? I wish I have the confidence to do that, too.

Also, who are you to just judge anyone. WHO ARE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!

I don't wear shorts shorts to school. I do not feel comfortable or confident enough to even own a pair. AND THEREFORE I SALUTE TO THE GIRLS WHO CAN FLAUNT THEIR BOOTIE AND LEGS WITH PRIDE, and also they don't mind sharing it to strangers..... Nobody should tell you what you can do or cannot do, unless it's against the law which I don't know how to address that. :( But really... shaming other people based on the clothes they wear, that's just mean and ignorant. :( :( :(

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