Monday, May 6, 2013

I'd just discovered the most perfect tumblr picture set that describe me 100%. it's like, someone stalked me and drew it all out!

yep. nothing to do. waking up with the sun glaring into my room

eat leftovers from yesterday's dinner + cartoons...adventure time 
OMG i used to take my baths like that too. but i have no bath-tub anymore :( and also my portable speakers. could soak for 3hrs with lush bubbleballs. 
tummy rub my dog. 

headphones+tablet. IT IS ME.

play my nds till my eyes hurt.
fall asleep waiting for a reply. :( drool.

it's so relatable and a little saddening too. all my friends are working and im still bumping around. being a little turd, fully (not) contributing to the society. good job sandy!

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