Thursday, May 2, 2013

have you ever?

Have you ever experience something like this? -

"let's go do something!"
"okay, but i'm busy, what about next week?"

but next week came and it was forgotten.

worst is, you somehow found out they are doing the activity you've suggested with another mutual friend. and you're nottttt invited.

i'm busy, you're busy, your cat's busy, my television is busy, everyone's busy! but if you really treat someone your true friend, you'll leave whatever time you have left with, and spend it with them. it is extremely annoying, when someone suggests, "hey let's catch up," but when you make an effort, they do not. and all they do is constantly flaking you off.

or simply, this concludes that im nobody's friend. im just so bitter, trapped in this little empty house.

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