Sunday, May 12, 2013

my eyes are being vacuumed by my cons. it's suffocating my eyes, but i don't want to take them off, because once i do, i'll fall asleep. and i want to finish typing this! > <

i think i'm in a pretty neutral state. occupying myself daily with things to do has become a base... well, base as in you add that base into acid to neutr- lol, nvm, i'm being irritating. but, i suppose it's helping and there's really no need to be negative......unless youre a battery...or a pregger test. LOL okay STOP that. it's going to be okay. im going to be okay. what's the worst that could happen? in case there's any grammar mistake, and you're sniggering about it. screw you, lol.

putting that aside.....

i am grateful for a company that i always wanted to have. it's great to have this source i can tell secrets to. like a real, tangible being and not just some ol' blog or whatever. YOU ARE REAL. lol not some glitch....or some....some......lagging youtube video.


with my determined face mask on, I SHALL WORK HARD AND STRIVE FOR THE GOALS I WROTE FOR MYSELF. meanwhile, some hazenut chocolate cakeeeee before i climb onto my bf*.... ;)

*bed, i mean.

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