Thursday, July 11, 2013

have you?

hey, how are you? Are you still coming back once in a while to check if i am okay? Thank you, if you've been doing that....

I am doing okay. Tomorrow would be the day I finally take my grade 8 exam for piano. It might not be a big deal because I know many people went through it, way before me - at a younger age. less experience, blabla, but really, it's really really this turning point at this moment!

Once it's over, I would have so much freedom...thinking about it makes me want to cry. :( But crying because i'm going to be happy. come back soon, please ask how am i doing. i would tell you i would be okay. meanwhile, I've stumbled across a fully ripped vinyl from one of my favorite artiste.

please enjoy the full album as you continue to surf the internet.

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