Saturday, October 19, 2013

the week that flew by like a scarf that got caught in the

hey, i'm genuinely sorry that your ex has someone new. both of you were great together and it makes me happy to see you happy! however, sometimes things don't go as what we hope for and it is a terribly misfortune that it didn't continue. i know you are very sad and probably thinking back to when you were happy together. i wish i can console you but i don't dare to bring it up again. hopefully, it will dissolve and once you are alright (and really alright, not just saying you are alright), there would be tons of eligible suitors for you!! 

then again, maybe staying single isn't such a bad thing, after all. sorry...

on a lighter note, quite a bit of things have happened the past weeks. the zine fair event was yet another disappointment. i'd imagined it to be way more glorious than having it hosted at a measly shophouse. then again, it did have its own charm and it was nice to see the artists in real life. sadly, i didnt get anything because, to be honest, i thought i could do the handy crafts on my own and spending 5pounds would be a waste. of course, the content might be something that can never be replaced! 

after which, my Ukraine friend (just had to mention it because i'm still feeling a little like a country bumpkin to meet international people) and i went to the design museum at thames river! it was really nice, but then again the 7.5 pound entrance ticket to one exhibition was slightly pricey. not to mention, it was on student discount! poooo...but the exhibits were definitely really cool. seeing the 'designs' (furnitures, prints, products) that shifted and revolutionized england live was a really really interesting. all this kinda happened last weekend, and this week have sort of just whisked by as well!

promptly had refresh tutorials for the digital design softwares; they were pretty useful since there were quite a few short cuts i wasnt aware off. made tons of friends and did some inductions at the print workshop. the facilities are superb! free access, no need to sign up whatever shit like how i used to ....well you know, from where.. .LOL (im very appreciative of TP though, not pointing out anything in particular!!!) 

did a massive shopping trip at oxford circus with jac because omg there were mega sales! crazy prices for flagship stores, i must say, it's probably cheaper than singapore's GSS, since the quality are really amazing– made in uk, mind you! the new clothes shall never be revealed to my parents for fear of the machine gun nagging. HAHA! 

on other news, i have begun my search for a 2nd hand bike...and cheap tupperware (i had been using my roommates and i highly doubt they like it very much!!). seriously, it's so hard to find sturdy, microwave safe (the last one i used got melted and my lunch was ruined...hurrah) and pocket friendly food storages. cost about 20 pounds for a set of eight! absurd isnt it?! so please, anyone who might be considering sending me gifts this holiday season, please send some good quality plastic wares!!! alternatively, really cute japanese (not from daiso, ok or maybe from daiso is fine) bento boxes would be fine, too. 

missing my family and brandy and friends and especially my mom's cooked meals so much. hopefully, i'll be back in bakinz' hot singapore next summer. bummer really, because i want to evade the cold instead. oh! and there are so many gigs i want to go (phoenix, mainly because you have to experience live music from a french synth band, at least, really) but i had'nt discover any like-minded music people hopefully, i can before the gigs get sold out!!! 

some tourist shots of the insides of harrods from last sunday. beautiful interiors so, visual galore!!!! 

oh wow, its mesmerizng, looks 10 times better for the real deal, though

BEHOLD! MEAT!!!!!!!!!!

look at that lady in her uniform! probably thinking of that new burger on
macdonald's menu (BECAUSE I AM)

that's not a very pretty picture of her...

and that, is a picture from thursday afternoon. yes, naked bums (from live drawing)! till then. xx

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