Monday, March 31, 2014


I happened to come across this particular photographer while doing my late night internet surfing. I thought it would be nice to share it with you because any blog readers of mine definitely deserve to know. :) Well, i dont do write-ups very regularly so this might all be a bit of a mess...

Soooooo, as awkwardly as I began, Vivian Fu is a photographer based in San FRANNNnnnnn, and she was being raised in the suburbs of San Fernando Valley. And as she introduced herself in her website, she basically does works based on her own identity as an Asian-American woman, as well as how she feels about her body. Too neat.

These are some of my favorite photos by her... and her boyfriend. I really admire Vivian's confidence in herself, her own body, being an 'asian' in a 'western' environment. It is definitely something that I have trouble with right a 21 year old person. As much as I think I should have full control of my own body, I do feel part of me isnt. 

I still remembered having a conversation with a Singaporean guy about pubic hair and whether it should be something that girls/women should have or not. It's quite depressing that the people i grew up with, or the place I grew up from doesnt seem to have a mind of it's own. I wish to change it, but it's like an ant moving the mountains. Getting a bit philosophical here arent we? 

This is just a really random thought-in-the-head post. I dont know, I really wish for alot of things to happen, but it's not going to unless I make it happen. :(

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