Friday, May 2, 2014

i'm glad.

i'm glad because i found company in a place that is so new and unfamiliar to me and having someone to be here, well not exactly guide or some sort of support but someone to talk about this experience is good. and i'm glad that you are honest with me and i think it's one thing that i appreciate more than anything, not just from you but from any individual. quality that i highly admire and sought after. ...and that you arent looking for commitment, because i find committing 100% to something scary, it's like climbing up a ladder to the 50th level and looking back down. it's terrifying, so at least that is mutual. although i must admit, it was slightly disheartening cause it sucks all the hope and anticipation and exhilaration away. but it's a good thing nevertheless, since finding out is kind of the fun part.

interaction, exchanging the stories, knowledge and experiences with you had been really cool and i hope to continue that. while i do enjoy the physical aspect of this... i (secretly) hope it's not that's all to it. it's fun though. but anyway, i'm uncertain what'll happen so i shall enjoy your existence ...haha and flow along.

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