Wednesday, July 9, 2014

i wanna lay on your chest and say what's on my mind

i feel kinda guilty because i hadnt been doing anything and my 3 colleagues are working on the project. and all ive been 'working' on is tumblring and reading horoscopes! HA!

ive been thinking about you and the things you said, and trying to decipher what it means. i am guessing you have the wrong conception; your relationships with people were probably unhealthy. maybe you'd been giving too much and it was one sided. are you possessive? because you love someone so much, you trust them and drown them in your everything...but they retaliate (maybe they were scare, you are too intense)...and you realized you've complicated it or poisoned it with your emotions and feelings.... so now you fear it might happen again.... but

you want sex. humans crave affection and sex or touch for that matter, is a physical way of expressing affection. but this is a two way thing, and i dont think anyone could ever separate sex from emotions/feelings... it has to have a foundation of all that to be possible. i hope you never cheapen yourself, you are amazing (probably beautiful too) and worth so much more than just sex... so fwb is definitely a fucked up idea.

i really want to uncover more from you, i dont know why... but ive never had this intuition before. but my gut feelings tell me that you dont want or need anyone to right now. it's okay though, i think i'll be a little sad for a while but theres always someone else in the world that i could find.

im glad youre satisfy with what you have in your life now.... freedom and goals to work on. i will always admire someone who enjoys taking challenges and goal oriented!! :)

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